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14 janvier 2008

Coghead.com, create your own custom business application!

Coghead.com is an interesting online tool that allows you to build and manage your own custom business application very quickly.
No software to install, no need to take care of any servers, downtime, or anything else. The Salesforce.com team already developped this philosophy, and now, a lot of tools builds their notoriety on the exclusive use of a web-browser in order to manage your tools, applications, should you have any sensitive data's or not.
Coghead seems to have great online features, if you need to create and customize a new project management tool, or related.I don't say it is the best or the greatest tool ever, because, unlike zoho.com, this one is not free at all.. $49 per month for a 5-user account, and, as usual, a 30-day trial on their homepage.

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